GLandTex established in 2009, prior company was AboUnion. In response of the global trend of energy-saving, GLandTex build Power Management IC design and technology teams. The goal is to focus in high performance LED driver IC, high voltage power management IC and AC/DC products for use in the LED display, LED lighting, battery Charger, UPS, e-Bike and Automotive.

The members of PMIC team came from the leading analog and mixed-signal semiconductor companies, with more than 15 years of experience in PMIC design, high-voltage process development, product strategy and management

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The GD1051 series is designed for driving LEDs with precise current control. Using an external resistor, the output current can be promptly adjusted to 5mA to 90mA. It achieves 3.0V operatig voltage, CLK to SDO responsing time less than 20ns, and package in SOP24 and SSOP24 for your selection. The outstanding uniformity of the current between channel and chip makes it an excellent choice for high quality LED display application.

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General Application
Typical application for connecting GD1051 in parallel.
Typical application for connecting GD1051 in serial.
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