Company Profile

HUGA's corporate logo is comprised of four words. Each letter represents the ingredient of its corporate culture-Harmony, Unity, Glory, Achievement. HUGA's logo design is a combination of Chinese calligraphy and Western words to express the craftsmanship of its LED products. HUGA is aiming to provide a platform of harmonious working environment through pushing employees' limits. HUGA conducts its business not only by using integrity as the foundation, but also strives to provide the technology breakthrough that would leave a clean environment for our next generation so as to fairly share the benefits with its employees, customers, and shareholders.


Product Application

Energy-saving, environmental-friendly, and high brightness are the major benefits of LED over conventional lighting. We have seen that LEDs are commonly used in our daily life to replace incandescent lamps or florescent light bulbs. No matter it is the little green man or traffic stop signs at the crossroad or tail lamp and center high mounted stop lamps (CHMSL) units used in the car, LEDs have massively penetrated our surroundings and becoming the new backlight source. In addition, more and more consumer electronics appliances such as notebook, handheld devices, iPod, and video game consoles are widely using LEDs in various applications. Until now, the handheld device is believed to be the largest downstream sector, consuming 46% of LEDs. As more and more researchers are exploring the possibility of using LEDs in many areas that are never being touched, it is expected that the demand for LEDs will pick up strongly as well to spur more business opportunity and drive the LED industry to new highs.

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